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Izzdone successfully implements another M3 solution in Brazil

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Izzdone Consulting, through its consulting team has launched another M3 project in Brazil. Having been the first subsidiary of the Fenner group to set up the ERP M3 of Infor/Infor, the "Go Live" took place in November 2012 and included the implementation of the modules of Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Operations, Logistics, Enterprise Asset Management and Finance Management, and also with the ever important Brazilian fiscal situation, highlighting the Electronic Fiscal Invoice, Fiscal SPED, Accounting SPED, PIS/COFINS SPED and Inventory SPED.

Ana Maria Buschinelli and Elisangela Buzo, of Hallite Brazil, congratulated themselves on the implementation's success and on the partnership between Hallite Brazil and Izzdone Consulting, having pointed out the following:

"Having by our side such well qualified people was of the utmost importance, and such expertise are not solely confined to the profound knowledge about the M3 product (Infor), but also due to the comprehensive knowledge on the specificities of Brazilian legislation, such as taxes, SPED and NFE, and also for being able to develop and modify programs in order to adapt the system to our company's reality."

On its part, Izzdone also thanks all the support and availability given by all of Hallite's associates, without which this project would not have been possible. A big thank you, namely to the project's chief officer, Nick Crouch, and his entire in-house implementation team: Elisangela Buzo, Jon Dickinson, Alan Gold, Charlie Owen, Anders Linden and Warren Hou.

The team spirit of all these people was firmly demonstrated all throughout this project and stood out even more during a Rafting session.

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