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Activity Report ®

Activity Report on-line system to collect hours and expenses spent by the consultants in the projects. Developed in Java Script and JSON the system allows us to manage the projects by activities and control the budget​        

Main Functions:

  • Collect Tasks in hours and Travel Expenses by Project, Subproject, Activity, Resource, Date, Place and Short Description of the activity 

  • Tasks managing and approved by Project Manager

  • Multi Currency system with automatic upadate of Exchange Rates

  • Budget  by Project, Subproject, Activity and Resource

  • Resources Price List

  • Alerts to the Project Manager when the Budget is over

  • Travel Expense Codes and Payments Methods defined by the user

  • Tasks Status field - Inserted, Concluded, Approve, To be invoiced, Invoiced 

  • External Documents (PDF Contracts) attached to the Projects

  • Send Tasks to the ERP system to be invoiced (API)

  • Maintenance Contracts Management. Allerts by date


  • Export Tasks to Excel. Standard spreadsheets by week to be sent to the customers

  • Travel Expenses Report 

  • Prepare the Invoicing. Print the task approved not invoiced by period

  • Available KPI's: Planned Value, Actual Cost, Earned Value, ROI, Cost Variance, Cost Perfomance, Cost of Manging Process, Planned hours of work vs actual situation, Overdue project tasks, Schedule Variance & Perfomance, Missed Milestones, Percentage of Tasks completed, Resouce utilization, Percentage of project completed on time, Percentage of canceled project

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